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M&A and Turnaround Management Services

Merger & Acquisition Due-Diligence

If you or your client are considering an acquisition partner that is involved in Transportation, Distribution or other Supply Chain Operations, our consultants can assist you in assessing and evaluating the acquisition target to insure appropriate valuation and assess the possible synergies and ROI potential for the proposed transaction.

Post-Merger Planning and Program Management

Our consultants and project managers work closely with merging partner management teams to develop comprehensive plans for seemless and effective implementations of both horizontal and vertical business integrations. Our team is well-versed and experienced in organizational effectiveness, process improvements and change-management, and we know how to deal with the potential pitfalls and obstacles to a successful merger. We closely manage every aspect of the integration plan to insure business continuity, capture of all synergies, continuous staffing support, implementation of industry best practices, and financial goal attainment.

Turnaround Change-Management

Since we specialize in re-engineering supply chain solutions for organizational effectiveness and operations improvements, we have a broad-based experience in assessing operations and developing and implementing the change necessary to avoid business failures and achieve profitability.

Interim Management Support Services

Our team of seasoned supply chain professionals have experience in managing world-class supply chain operations and are capable of providing the necessary interim management support to help you manage your businesses through the period of transition to a comfortable steady state of integrated operations.

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