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Supply-Chain Assessments


Supply-Chain Strategy and Network Analysis

Changing market conditions, new products,innovative technology, and other dynamic business factors, may bring about a need for re-assessing your supply-chain strategies. Our consultants and strategic partners will assist you in aligning your distribution strategies to insure maximum benefit from industry improvements and leading-edge technology. Today's competitive business climate requires you to squeeze all that you can out of your supply-chain expense. With a focus on quality and cost consciousness, Triad's consultants will help you insure a maximum return on your supply-chain budget with high levels of effectiveness and customer service.


Site Location Modeling, Selection and Acquisition

Solution design or network re-engineering may call for a new distribution location. Our engineers will analyze and model your supply chain network and determine the optimum distribution location(s) and assist you in site selection, leasing, design and start-up. Using our transportation models, demographic data, tax incentive options and other cost considerations, we will help you maximize your site location value proposition. Whether you are consolidating your distribution or expanding into new markets, we can help you determine your optimum distribution points to achieve maximum customer service levels at the lowest cost. Through our industrial realtor alliances, we can also provide you with trusted, reliable advisors to represent you in acquisition or disposal of your industrial real estate.


Construction, Build-out, and Implementation Management

Triad's consultants and project managers have extensive experience with both "greenfield" and retrofit distribution facility construction and start-up. Whether your requirements are build-to-suit, or you are moving into an existing building, we will manage the project from design to go-live using PMI certified methods of project management. Our close attention to project plan details and sub-contractor activity management and follow-up will help insure budget compliance and on-time completion of your project. .


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